Multiple Cities


Marine and Freshwater Research

Conduct comprehensive marine and freshwater research of wild fisheries at a large aquatic center or gain experience working in a lab environment. Previous research has been done in aquaculture, oceanography and catchment ecology including research to better understand the effects that modern technology and/or natural occurrences have on the environment and sensitive ecosystems.

Athletic Training

Intern with the national umbrella body for sports medicine and science or in a university setting. Assist with the administration of community education programs, conduct research on a variety of topics related to the field, observe trainers in action at sporting events and in clinical settings and other hands-on activities dealing with athletic training and exercise science.

Environmental and Life Sciences

Interns can work on a number of research projects, from working in an amphibian laboratory to looking at migratory patterns of shorebirds. Interns will work in lab, field and office environments conducting research.