Brisbane, Australia

Community Services Foundation

This foundation provides a range of services to people throughout the community. They offer financial, emotional, and physical support to members of the community with the goal of relieving poverty and cultivating local resources. A participant in this role will get to know the local community, run play groups, and participate in various community development projects.

Community Support Center for Individuals with Special Needs

This association works to support people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities and young people at risk. The main goal is to create a community that includes all of its members. They are open all year for participants who are interested in working directly with the community and want to help an organization improve the lives of its community members.

Pet Welfare Foundation

This foundation provides evidence-based solutions within the community to save the lives of pets and people. Their primary activity is influencing key stakeholders in government, welfare agencies, veterinary professionals, and community leaders. Participants in this organization will help with day to day office tasks and, in a small way, create a better life for the pets in Australia.

Environmental Conservation Organization

This unique organization partners with individuals, businesses, and the government in the conservation of Australia's environment. The organization hosts volunteers from around Australia and across the world and relies on their participation in a diverse set of important projects to protect and enhance the local environment. A participant in this role will help with administrative tasks and field work such as weeding and tree planting.