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Scholarships & Grants

To help make studying abroad easier, ISA makes a variety of scholarships and grants available to students participating in our programs. 

Please review the ISA Scholarship Application for scholarship eligibility and instructions on how to apply for ISA and host university scholarships. 

ISA Scholarships


April 30
October 30
February 28
Scholarship application documents, as well as completed program applications and materials, must be sent via email to by the dates above. Scholarship application deadlines are evaluated independently of program application deadlines and will not be extended even if the program application deadline is extended.

 Have additional questions? Visit the Scholarship FAQ.

Castañeda Partnership Scholarship - $2,000

These merit and financial need-based scholarships assist semester students from affiliated universities with the expenses of studying abroad. Applicants for this scholarship must complete the ISA Budget and Funding Form in order to exhibit financial need.
In memory of Dr. Castañeda, who immigrated to the United States from Mexico with his family when he was in the sixth grade. Through immersion, he quickly gained fluency in English and excelled in school. He continued to educate himself and eventually earned his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. 
Recipients of this scholarship will have the opportunity to participate in the Correspondent Internship, which offers the recipient the chance to take photos and add content to the ISA Student Blog as a Castañeda Correspondent. 

Diversity Scholarship - $2,000 to $5,000

ISA offers the ISA Diversity Scholarship with the goal of bringing the benefits of a global education to historically underserved student populations. This includes, but is not limited to, students identifying as underrepresented races, ethnic origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, as well as first generation college students and those with accessibility needs. 

Pacific Access Scholarship - $2,000

To honor the memory of Gina Rosko, ISA awards these scholarships to students participating in an ISA semester program in Australia and New Zealand. Gina attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was a very well-rounded and hard-working young woman who balanced school, volunteering, and multiple jobs. 

Live Like Ally Scholarship - $2,000

These scholarships are awarded in memory of Allison Willen for semester programs. Ally had a contagious love for life, nature, community service, and adventure. Others naturally gravitated towards her kind heart, enthusiasm for learning, and the way she embraced life each day. Students who believe they Live Like Ally and share similar interests such as a passion for volunteering, a love for nature and hiking, and zest for life are encouraged to apply. 

Summer Pathways Scholarship - $1,000

These merit and financial need-based summer term scholarships are dedicated to the memory of Michaela Farnum, a very involved Seattle University student who worked with various youth and campus organizations. 

Short Program, Big Impact Scholarship - $1,000

These scholarships are available for our affordable 2-3 week programs, which are offered in some of our top study abroad destinations and are an ideal opportunity to study abroad for those with limited time or budget. 

Community Engagement Scholarship - $1,000

This scholarship, exclusively for participants enrolled in an ISA Service-Learning program, is offered in memory of Kalyn Peterson who leaves behind a legacy of promoting diversity and putting others’ needs before her own. Visit the ISA Service-Learning page for more details.

Gap Scholarship - $1,000

These awards aim to encourage students to study abroad before entering their freshman year of college and are available to high school graduates participating in an ISA Gap Program

Host University Scholarships

Host University Scholarships - Up to $3000

Many host university partners generously offer scholarships to participating ISA students. Students are encouraged to consider a program at one of our distinguished university partners abroad:

Queensland University of Technology - Brisbane – AU$1,500/term
James Cook University - Townsville - AU$500/term
Bond University - Gold Coast - AU$4,000 + AU$400 book stipend/term
La Trobe University  - Melbourne - AU$1,000/term
University of New South Wales - Sydney - US$1,000/spring term

AUT University - Auckland - NZ$1,000/term
University of Canterbury - Christchurch  -  NZ$1,000-3,000/term
Massey University - Wellington - NZ$1,000-3,000/term
Victoria University of Wellington - Wellington - US$2,000/term

Korea University - Seoul - US$500-2,000/summer term

Kingston University - London - £500/semester

Universidad de Barcelona (CETT) - €500/term

Additional note: Applicants for the CETT scholarship will receive a follow-up email requesting a statement describing their commitment to diversity and/spreading cultural awareness.

ISA Supplemental Awards

Give (GI Veterans Excellence) Scholarship - $500

ISA provides this supplemental scholarship to GI-Bill recipients who are participating in an ISA program. This award will apply to all recipients, regardless of whether the GI-Bill funding will transfer to their term abroad. Submission of your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) letter or other proof of VA documentation is required to receive this award.

Freeman-ASIA Supplemental Scholarship - $500

ISA awards this supplemental scholarship to Freeman-Asia Scholarship recipients who are participating in an ISA semester program to China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand or Vietnam.

The Freeman-Asia Scholarship is designed to support U.S. undergraduates with demonstrated financial need who are planning to study overseas in Asia. Submission of your Freeman-ASIA Scholarship award letter is required to receive this award.

ISA Grants

Affiliate Partnership Awards - $200 - $5,000

ISA is proud to have over 450 affiliate partnerships with universities around the world. Students who attend an ISA-affiliated university may be eligible to receive additional funding for their ISA program directly from ISA or through their home university's study abroad scholarship program. If you attend an ISA-affiliated university, reach out to your university program abroad office to learn more.

Repeat Student Grant - $350 - $500

ISA is always happy to welcome back alumni! Eligible students only need to inform ISA of their previous enrollment, and the grant award will be applied to your account.

If the students previously participated in:
ISA study abroad, Internship, Service-Learning, ISA Custom Program, EuroScholars or ISA High School program of any length*
Now enrolled in:
ISA summer study abroad program OR an ISA Internship or Service-Learning program from 8 weeks in length
Grant Amount:
If the students previously participated in:
ISA study abroad, Internship, Service-Learning, ISA Custom Program, EuroScholars or ISA High School program of any length*
Now enrolled in:
ISA trimester, semester, year-long study abroad program
Grant Amount:
*Participants enrolling in a Custom Programs or EuroScholars undergraduate research programs are not eligible to receive these grants.

Sibling Grant - $350 - $500

Did your sibling participate in an ISA program? If so, you will qualify for the repeat student grant amounts listed above towards your ISA program. Eligible students only need to inform ISA of their sibling’s enrollment, and the grant award will be applied to your account.

Global Ambassador Grant - $450 - $600

Active Global Ambassadors who are planning to participate with ISA again will receive $100 in addition to the corresponding Repeat Student Grant amount (as listed above).