After Acceptance

We’re excited to have you join us abroad! Here are a few more things to look forward to before you depart.

Get ready to go abroad 

To help prepare for your time abroad, we'll work with you to gather information through your ISA Student Portal. This is where you’ll tell us your preferences for housing, courses, and learn other details about your program.  

In your portal, you will also begin to make payments and can upload financial aid details. Be sure to keep track of any deadlines, and when in doubt, reach out to the ISA advisors listed on the bottom of your ISA Student Portal. 

Online Orientation

After your forms deadline, the Online Orientation will be available in your ISA Student Portal. This is full of site-specific information on packing, budgeting, health & safety, on-site staff, communication abroad – everything you wanted to know about studying in your city! 

ISA Final Packet

Several weeks before your program begins, we’ll make an arrival guide available in your ISA Student Portal to give you all the details you need to know before you go! This could include your arrival information, program and excursions dates, contact information for everyone in your program, housing details, flight list, and an insurance card. 

We're here to help!

You can always reach out to your Advisors. You can find them listed in the bottom of your ISA Student Portal, or on the program page.