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Course Options to Help You Stay on Track While Abroad

At ISA, we believe that everyone should enjoy the intercultural learning and growth that comes with studying abroad. We also know that fulfilling degree requirements or staying on track with sequential courses can be challenging, particularly when faced with limited course options in English at some host universities abroad.

That’s why we partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) Online, ranked the #1 school in the U.S. for innovation by U.S. News & World Report, to create ISA Flex.

FLEX = Flexibility

ISA Flex provides students the flexibility to pursue the life-changing experience of study abroad while ensuring that they can stay on track with the coursework they need to graduate.

By enrolling in an ISA study abroad program, you will have to opportunity to add Flex and take one of ASU Online’s 2,100 courses.

Looking to experience Athens but have an Aerospace Engineering course requirement keeping you grounded? Want to explore Prague in the spring but can’t miss that one Communications course that is never taught in the fall at your home university? Or maybe you just want to live in Lima but need another Data Analytics course to stay on track to graduate.

Academic obstacles exist, but ISA Flex can help minimize the challenges so you can maximize your global learning. 

Choose from More Than 2,100 Courses

ASU Online offers courses in everything from Accounting to Molecular and Cellular Biology to Women’s Studies. Below are some of the most in-demand courses available, which sometimes keep students from experiencing study abroad:

engineering icon ENG 280 Engineering Statistics
marketing icon MKT 390 Essentials of Marketing
psychology icon PSY 341 Developmental Psychology

To learn more about ISA Flex or find out if a course you’re looking for is available (quick answer: it probably is), contact us.

To browse ASU Online courses for upcoming terms click the button below. 

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About ASU Online

ASU Online is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality online education to students from across the country and around the world. Their custom-designed degree programs and courses are delivered online by the same award-winning faculty who teach on campus. Courses are designed using state-of-the-art technology and tools, providing students with a direct connection to the knowledge and expertise of their faculty.


  • Who is eligible for ISA Flex?

    Any student accepted and enrolled in an ISA study abroad program may add ISA Flex to their program.

  • How many courses can I take?

    Students may enroll in a single ASU online course as part of their ISA study abroad program. Students are responsible for fulfilling all academic requirements of any course they choose to take. We advise all students who enroll in ISA Flex to consider their full course load and to not take more courses than they can manage in a single term.

  • What courses can I take?

    You can take any available ASU Online courses for which you meet the pre-requisites. You can find the list of ASU Online courses by clicking the "Browse Courses" button above.

  • When do I have to decide if I want to add ISA Flex to my study abroad program?

    In order to add ISA Flex to your study abroad program, you will need to complete the ISA Flex registration form in your ISA Student Portal by the deadline for the term in which you are studying abroad. This is generally in April for summer programs, July for fall, and December for spring. However, the sooner you register, the more courses will be available.

  • What does ISA Flex cost?

    The base cost for ISA Flex is $1,950, which covers all tuition and fees for any standard 3-credit ASU Online course. Any courses with more than 3 credits or special fees (such as Lab fees) will incur an additional cost.

  • How will I be billed?

    The cost of ISA Flex will be added to your ISA student account when you add ISA Flex to your study abroad program. Any additional fees will be added to your ISA account after the add/drop deadline for ASU Online courses for that term. The payment deadline for ISA Flex is two weeks prior to the start of each ASU Online term (generally in May for summer, August for fall, and January for spring).

  • Which programs are compatible with ISA Flex?

    All ISA study abroad programs are compatible with ISA Flex; however, some programs may be more suitable than others. Due to factors such as the course load at the host institution, differences in the ASU and host institution academic calendars, and rigor of the courses of the host institution, ISA Flex may work better for some programs than others. Please contact your Program Manager to discuss how ISA Flex can fit into your study abroad program.

  • How do I transfer ISA Flex credit to my home university?

    After the successful completion of your course with ASU, you will be able to order an official ASU transcript through the My ASU system, which can then be provided to your home university. However, ISA recommends talking to your home university’s academic and study abroad advisors regarding approval and articulation of your course prior to enrolling.

  • Can I change or drop my ASU course or withdraw from ISA Flex?

    You can withdraw from ISA Flex without penalty at any time prior to the refund deadline for that term. This is generally in May for summer programs, August for Fall, and January for Spring.


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