Academic Records & Transcripts FAQ

  • How long will it take until I receive my transcript?

    For semester and summer programs, transcripts usually arrive at ISA Austin within 2-3 months after the official end date of the program. For certain host universities in Europe, if a program ends in late spring or during the summer, the transcripts may take an extra month to arrive at ISA due to holiday closures in August.

  • What's the status of my transcript?

    You can view the status of semester and summer transcripts on the Alumni page of the ISA website. Once on that page, you will see ?Status of Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall Transcripts? on the left panel. Click on the appropriate term for your program. The following page will display the expected arrival date to ISA Austin or the date the transcripts for a specific program were sent to the home universities. Please note, transcripts will be held for students with an outstanding balance.

  • Can my transcript be expedited?

    Most U.S. universities are accustomed to possible delays when it comes to receiving transcripts from study abroad programs. However, we understand that some students may require that their credits from abroad transfer as soon as possible after completing their program for various reasons (i.e. graduation, financial aid purposes, upcoming registration, NCAA requirements). While ISA cannot guarantee that your transcript can be expedited, our resident staff will make the host university aware of your situation in an effort to expedite your transcript or send your grades in the form of an unofficial transcript or grade report. It will be your responsibility to inform the resident staff of the urgency for your transcript upon arrival to the host country and be prepared to make any additional arrangements if necessary. In the event that your transcript is expedited and sent to ISA Austin before the rest of the group's, you may incur additional shipping costs

  • Why haven't I received a photocopy of my transcript at my permanent address yet? Why aren't my grades showing up in my home university's system?

    All students are mailed a photocopy of their transcript to the permanent address listed in their ISA Student Portal account. The photocopies and Welcome Back letters are sent via regular U.S. postal service. If you have not received a photocopy of your transcript, either because you have moved or because it may have gotten lost in the mail, please contact ISA Academic Records via email at You may also have not received a photocopy of your transcript because the transcripts have not yet arrived from abroad. Additionally, the ISA Welcome Back letter that accompanies the copy of your transcript includes a UPS tracking number which you can use to track the delivery progress of the official transcript to your home university rel="noopener noreferrer" at If your transcript has been delivered to your home university, the UPS website will show the date, time and last name of the person who signed for the transcript. If your transcript has been delivered but your credits are not showing up in your home university?s system, it is possible that they are still being evaluated. You may contact ISA Academic Records to confirm which office on campus your transcript was sent to so you may contact them to track it down.

  • How do I determine the credits I will receive for my coursework abroad?

    Prior to departure, you must obtain course approval from your home university so that you are aware of the number and type (upper/lower division) of credits you will receive per course. It is your responsibility to meet with your home university advisor to determine credit transfer. It is very likely that your advisor will request syllabi or course descriptions to determine the transferability of your courses. Detailed course descriptions are available on the ISA website. Please contact your Program Manager if a syllabus or course description is not available. You may also need to keep copies of your exams/assignments and present them to your home university upon completion of your program to petition for credit.

  • I received my transcript and I think there's an error (i.e. grades, spelling, courses, credits/hours). What do I do next?

    Please contact the Academic Records department Austin. This department will facilitate communications with resident staff and/or the host university to confirm the information on your transcript.

  • Will the credentials evaluator at my home university receive an English translation to help evaluate my transcript?

    Yes. Your official transcript will be accompanied by an ISA Cover Letter, which will include academic information helpful to the credentials evaluator at your home university. The ISA Cover Letter includes the grading scale used by the host university, the recommended U.S. letter grade equivalencies, translated course titles, language level (if applicable), hours of instruction or credit values, and whether the courses you took were regular university courses with locals or courses designed for international students. If your home university requires that your transcript be evaluated by a foreign credentials evaluation agency, please contact your home university for information on approved agencies.

  • I am transferring to a new university or applying to grad school. How do I request additional copies of my transcript?

    The Additional Transcript Request Form (ATRF) is available on the ISA website, via the Alumni page. Please submit the Additional Transcript Request Form online. If you are paying by any method other than credit card, you will need to mail in your payment to the ISA Austin office. Detailed instructions concerning prices and processing times are available on the first page of the Additional Transcript Request Form. For additional questions regarding additional transcript requests, rel="noopener noreferrer" please email


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