Fashion in France 18th - 21st Century

Institut Catholique de Paris

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  • Course Name

    Fashion in France 18th - 21st Century

  • Host University

    Institut Catholique de Paris

  • Location

    Paris, France

  • Area of Study

    European Studies, Fashion

  • Language Level

    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    The main objective of this course is to give a basic knowledge of French fashion history from 18th to early 21st Century
    Throughout the semester the student will learn:
    To be familiar with the main lines of fashion history (styles, personalities, designers...)
    To be familiar with the history of Paris as a fashion industry
    To explain the origins of the French luxury traditions

    Students are expected to read the relevant course materials for each class and to follow events in France as active participation in class discussions is an essential requirement of the course. 
    Students have to complete the given assignments: 

    • A midterm exam (10 questions)
    • A final exam (10 questions)
    • A 1000 words report paper (2 typewritten pages with double spacing) about one of the visited exhibitions
    • A 10-15 minute presentation based on a topic related to Fashion. 
      • Students are free to choose the topic but should demand prior approval for their choice.     

    The material for the course consists of Powerpoint presentations and field trips to museums, exhibitions.
    Recommended reading: 
    Laver, James, Costume and Fashion a concise History, London, Thames & Hudson, 2007
    Mendes, Valerie, De la Haye, Amy , Fashion since 1900, London, Thames & Hudson, 2010

    The final grade for the course will be based on student performance on the following tasks: 
    Midterm exam (25%) 
    Final exam (25%)
    A written paper on a tour (museum or exhibition) (25%) 
    A presentation (25%)     
    Students are required to be present for tests and to hand in their papers at the scheduled time. Late papers are penalized. 

    Attendance is essential and checked on a daily basis. Only three unjustified absences will be accepted and all ‘justified’ absences must be documented. The final evaluation will take both absences and repeated unpunctuality (three ‘lates’ count as one absence) into account.
    Students who are late (i.e. who show up during or after attendance is being checked) should see the instructor after class so that they are marked as present.

    Course Program 

    1700-1789 Louis XIV and the luxury trade - The reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 1: Paris Fashion streets 1 : Le Palais Royal
    1789-1799 The Revolution and the Directory 
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 2: 18th Century rooms at at les Arts Décoratifs -Jay Entrance free
    Meeting at the Invalides at 2PM 
    1800-1815 Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion 
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 3 :  Hotel  National des Invalides Uniforms gallery from Louis XIV to Napoleon III Entrance free

    1815-1848 The Restoration and the July Monarchy The Romantic era 
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 4: Japon Japonisme at les Arts Decoratifs entrance free

    1848-1870 The Second Empire- C.F. Worth and the birth of Haute Couture 
    Excursion & Onsite Lecture 5 :  19th Century rooms at les Arts Decoratifs Entrance free

    Midterm  Exam  review lessons 1-5  1870-1900 «Fin de Siècle» fashion - Student presentations

    1900-1914 Fashion of the Belle Epoque - Paul Poiret 
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 7:  Paris Fashion streets 2 : avenue Montaigne

    1914-1939 The Roaring Twenties, Chanel, Lanvin - The Thirties, Vionnet,  Schiaparelli
    Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 6 : Jeanne Lanvin, Jacques Doucet and the decorative arts at Les Arts Décoratifs Entrance free

    1940-1970 Wartime and Fashion - Christian Dior and the New Look - The golden age of Haute Couture
    Excursion & Onsite Lecture 8 : Azzedine Alaia Entrance 2€ To be confirmed

    1970 – 2000’s Haute couture and Prêt à Porter- Study Excursion & Onsite Lecture 9: To be defined

    Final Exam review lessons 6-10   
    Student presentations

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.


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