B.1 - Intermediate

Universidad de Vic - Elisava

Course Description

  • Course Name

    B.1 - Intermediate

  • Host University

    Universidad de Vic - Elisava

  • Location

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Area of Study

    European Studies, Linguistics, Spanish

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  • Overview

    Course Objectives

    Communication Ability
    •    To be able to communicate comprehensively and clearly in daily situations of basic survival.
    •    To be able to describe in simple terminology, aspects of the simple past and interchange information about social activities, personal subjects, likes and interests.
    •    To be able to interact in social situations.
    •    To be able to initiate, maintain and finish a conversation and be able to identify the subject of what is being talked about.

    Linguistic Competence
    •    To provide a limited repertoire of linguistic resources.
    •    To gain sufficient vocabulary and grammatical structures for brief texts.
    •    To pronounce in a generally clear and comprehensible form.

    Course Content
    •    Greetings and salutations
    •    Introduce someone and react to being introduced
    •    Identify and describe people, places and objects
    •    Inform about ones own academic or professional situation
    •    Speak of habits en the present
    •    Express opinions and preferences
    •    Express sensations
    •    Give advise
    •    Refer to actions and situations in the past
    •    Refer to plans and projects
    •    Arrange an appointment
    •    Give and ask for opinions about something or someone
    •    Express (and ask for) agreement and disagreement
    •    Express (and ask for) the possibility or impossibility of completing an action
    •    Ask for a favor
    •    Accepting and offering invitations
    •    Offer and ask for help
    •    Apologize, give thanks and congratulate
    •    Express conditions

    Introduction to the basic morphology of Spanish:
    •    Inflection: of genre, of number, of person
    •    The article
       o    Personal pronoun
       o    Demonstrative
       o    Possessives
       o    Countable and uncountable
       o    Interrogative
       o    Numerals
    •    The verb: Morphology of the regular and irregular forms:
       o    The present indicative
       o    The perfect/imperfect preterit  of indicative
       o    The undefined preterit
       o    The imperative
       o    The future imperative
       o    The non-personal forms (infinitive, gerund and participle)
    •    The most frequent adverbs
    •    Introduction to the pronoun system
    •    Basic syntactical relations
    •    Basic syntactical structures:
    •    Prepositions and conjunctions
    •    Affirmative, negative, interrogative and explanative sentences
    •    Impersonal introductions
    •    Irregular verbs (gustar, doler)
    •    Verbal periphrasis (Ir + a + infinitive, poder + infinitive)
    •    Reflexive verbs
    •    Unstressed pronouns
    •    Comparisons

    Lexical Contents
    Basic vocabulary for the following subjects:
    •    Personal signs
    •    Name, age, sex, place of birth, marital status
    •    Nationality
    •    Physical description
    •    Family and personal relations
    •    Health and the human body
       o    Parts of the body
       o    Clothes and personal objects
    •    Transportation and trips
       o    Methods of transportation, tickets and conditions
       o    Tourism and vacation
       o    Hotels
    •    Food and drink
       o    Meals of the day and different plates
    •    Restaurants and bars
    •    Stores and Markets
       o    Shopping, prices, money, measurement and weight
    •    Free time
       o    Personal interests
       o    Sports
       o    Events
    •    Nature and environment
       o    Landscape
    •    Weather and climate
    •    Teaching
       o    Study centers and classroom
       o    Courses and subjects: calendars and hours
    •    Society, State
       o    History
       o    Customs

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.


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