Hispanic Studies, Spanish Language & Electives in English

Universidad de Granada
Granada, Spain

Program Overview

Program Overview

  • Popular Subject Areas

    Hispanic Studies, Spanish Language & Electives in English

  • Location


  • Host University

    Universidad de Granada

    The Universidad de Granada (UGR) was founded in 1531 and is one of the oldest and largest universities in Spain. ISA students take classes at the UGR's Centro de Lenguas Modernas (CLM), which is separate from the main UGR campus. The CLM is one of Spain's premier centers for the teaching of Spanish to international students, with most students coming from the US. It is located in the Realejo district in the heart of the city, a short walk from the ISA office. Popular areas of study at the CLM include art history, history, literature, political science, and Spanish language and culture. The Universidad de Granada is fully accredited and recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport (Ministerio de Educación, Cultura, y Deporte).

  • Term

    Fall 2A 2024

  • Program Dates

    Aug 29, 2024 - Dec 20, 2024

  • Program Length


  • Application Deadline

    Jun 01, 2024

  • Forms and Payment Deadline

    Jun 15, 2024

  • Credit

    260 - 305 Contact Hours

  • Eligibility

    2.50 Minimum GPA*

  • Cost


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Study Abroad Program Description

In this program, you will refine your Spanish language abilities while learning about the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. You’ll choose one of two tracks, depending on your language level: the Hispanic Studies track is open to students at the high advanced level and above, while the Spanish Language & Culture track can accommodate all language levels. Students will take one or two required Spanish language courses at their respective level plus two to four additional content courses taught in either English or Spanish. Classmates are international students, the majority of whom are from the U.S. All courses are taught by Universidad de Granada faculty at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas.

All students are required to take a Spanish language placement exam upon arrival in Granada, which will determine your language level. Track and course selections are not confirmed until the results are available.

The Fall A and Academic Year A programs start with an 80-contact-hour intensive Spanish language course while the Spring A program begins with a similar 60-contact-hour course. The Fall B, Spring B, and Year B programs do not include an intensive month.

Service-Learning in Granada
In addition to your academic courses, Study + Service-Learning programs allow you to serve alongside a local organization and engage in reflective assignments. Service-learning will develop your intercultural competency skills and increase your understanding of social issues in your host community. Visit the ISA Service-Learning website to see placement opportunities in Granada and for more information about how to receive academic credit.

Visa Information
A Spanish student visa is required for U.S. students participating in academic programs in Spain lasting 91 days or more. For non-U.S. citizens, you should contact your consulate to verify specific entry requirements. Please click on the "Spanish Visa Support" icon on the "What's Included" tab of this page to learn more about visa requirements and and the optional Spain Visa Service.

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Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.50.


There is no language prerequisite for this program.

What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

24-Hour Emergency

Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security Support

Airport Reception

Tuition at the Host University


Meals and Laundry Service

Bridging Cultures Orientation

Full-Time Resident Staff

On-Site ISA Offices

Internet Access

ISA Discovery Model


Cultural Activities


Official Transcript from the Host University

Professional Development Toolbox

Scholarship Opportunities

Spanish Visa Support



Contact Hours

260 - 305

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

17 - 21

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

26 - 30

Academic Information

Track Options

· Students in this program must enroll in either the Spanish Language & Culture track or the Hispanic Studies track. Students cannot take courses from both tracks during the same semester. You will select your track preference on your pre-registration

form, but your track will not be confirmed until your language level is confirmed onsite.

· The Hispanic Studies track requires a minimum high advanced language level. The Spanish Language & Culture track is open to all language levels, but students must have a minimum high intermediate level to take electives in Spanish.

· If a student places below the high advanced level, they will not be eligible for the Hispanic Studies track and will be required to enroll in the Spanish Language & Culture track.

Course Selection

· Students in the Fall 2A program will be automatically enrolled in an 80-hour intensive Spanish language course at their level prior to the start of the regular semester.

· Spanish Language & Culture students will enroll in two required Spanish language courses at their language level and two to three additional electives taught in English or Spanish.

· Hispanic Studies students will enroll in one required Spanish language course at their language level and three or four additional electives taught in Spanish.

· Requests for sample syllabi can be made to the Granada Program Manager.

Language Placement

· Enrollment in Spanish courses is determined by the results of a language placement exam taken onsite and administered by the CLM. Please note that your performance on the placement exam may not reflect the number of semesters of language instruction you’ve already completed at your home university. We strongly suggest that students who are trying to place into any level of language beyond true beginning prepare for the language placement exam by reviewing previous coursework.

Course Availability

· All students should seek pre-approval for alternate courses in the event of last-minute class cancelations.

· The courses below reflect the most current list of courses released by the host university. Please refer to this list when completing your pre-registration form. Also note that courses are always subject to change.

· Additional foreign language courses may be available. Please contact the Granada Program Manager for more information.


· The transcript from the Universidad de Granada will reflect Contact Hours. Please be in touch with your home university regarding credit transfer for this program.


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Universidad de Granada
Spanish Language Courses
All students in the Spanish Language and Culture track are required to take two Spanish language courses from the list below at their respective level.
45 Contact Hours
High Beginning
45 Contact Hours
Low Intermediate
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
High Intermediate
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
Spanish Language Courses
All students in the Hispanic Studies track are required to take at least one Spanish language course from the list below at their respective level.
High Advanced
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
Elective Courses Taught in Spanish
High Advanced/Superior
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
120 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
120 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
120 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours
45 Contact Hours

Support & Funding

ISA is here to support you when it comes to navigating identity questions related to traveling abroad, providing resources and information for your accessibility needs, and identifying funding for your program abroad.


Our U.S. staff is available to support you though every stage of your study abroad journey. Please reach out with any questions about ISA programs or life on-site to your country-specific Program Manager.

Our on-site staff are there for you as soon as you arrive in country and will support you throughout your time abroad.

U.S. Team

Rosina D'Angelo

Program Manager, Spain


Marisa Revelles

Resident Director, Spain

Ángel Garzón Pena

Cultural Activities & Student Services Coordinator, Spain, Spain

Lorena Herrera

Academic Coordinator, Spain

Identity Resources

Accessibility & Accommodations

With our wide portfolio of program types and locations, we’re confident there is a suitable, accessible program for each student.

Securing accommodations abroad can take time, so we ask that those with requests inform ISA early in the advising process. We recommend reaching out to your Program Manager or our Accessibility Team (accessibilityteam@studiesabroad.com) to discuss your accessibility needs or accommodations abroad.

Destination Information

Our diversity pages for each ISA destination include information on Indigenous communities, languages, race and ethnicity, religion, LGBTQIA+, and disability access. We hope it will help when reflecting upon and contextualizing intersectionality in your host community.

Identity Blog

ISA offers students the opportunity to blog about their experiences abroad from their own diverse perspectives. These posts can be found on the ISA Student Blog, and interested students should email diversity@studiesabroad.com for more information.


All students should have the opportunity to study abroad. To help make this a reality, ISA offers a variety of scholarships to help cover your study abroad costs. To learn more about our scholarship opportunities, check out our scholarships & grants page!

If you receive financial aid from your home university, you can likely use those funds for study abroad, as well. Speak with your home university’s financial aid office to learn about your options. Check out steps for using financial aid.

Questions about scholarships and funding? Email us at higheredfinaid@worldstrides.org


Living in ISA housing will allow you the opportunity to experience aspects of the Spanish lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor. Regardless of your housing option, you will have a short commute to your university. Travel times to the various university buildings generally range between 15 and 35 minutes depending on housing and class locations. With an open and adaptable mind, the experience of living in another culture can be highly rewarding.

We strive to match your housing preferences with our available accommodations, however, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed.


Homestays are best if you are seeking full linguistic and cultural immersion during your time abroad. Each host family has been carefully selected by ISA's resident staff in order to best accommodate your needs and to ensure a comfortable living situation. Homestays will provide two meals a day (except on ISA excursion days) and laundry service, including a change of sheets and towel, once a week. You will typically share a room with another ISA student of the same gender. Single rooms may be available for an additional fee.


Apartments are a great housing option if you are seeking complete independence during your time abroad. Apartments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is limited. Rent and utilities are included in the program price and each apartment is fully furnished. The apartments are located throughout the city of Granada rather than all in one building. All apartments are either within walking distance or conveniently located near public transit routes relative to the university. Meals and laundry service are not included.

You will pay a $300 refundable security deposit if living in this ISA housing option. ISA may retain some, or all, of this deposit in the event of damage to property, or if utility usage exceeds the allotted monthly amount.

Student Residence

The student residence (residencia in Spanish) is available for an additional cost and is a great option if you would like more independence while living in a student-centered environment. The residencia has limited availability and is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. It houses international and local students and has shared kitchens and lounges. Rooms in the residencia are typically individual, but shared rooms may be used. Laundry facilities are available in the residencia and some meals are included (3 meals per day Monday through Friday and 1 meal per day on the weekends).

Independent Housing

You may opt to secure housing independently. If you select this option, you will receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price. By choosing to opt out of ISA housing, you are responsible for researching and reserving housing, and paying all fees, deposits, and rent directly to the housing facility that you choose.



Las Alpujarras & Almuñecar

On this two-day, one night excursion you will explore the town and mountains of Las Alpujarras, a culturally and geographically exceptional region of the South-facing slopes of the Sierra Nevada, in southern Spain. In Las Alpujarras, you will enjoy a beautiful hike and learn how locals make a living farming and selling souvenirs. You will also learn about the different civilizations which have inhabited this area over several thousand years.

In Almuñecar you will learn about Andalucía’s diverse landscapes and spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach.



Madrid, Spain’s capital, will be your first taste of Spanish culture during the Bridging Cultures Orientation. You'll visit the famous Prado museum and have a guided tour through Madrid's city center to expand your knowledge of Spanish history, culture and politics.


On this trip you will visit the city of Málaga where you'll be enchanted by cityscapes, a beautiful beach, and the Picasso museum.

Seville & Córdoba

On this overnight excursion, you will tour the famous Mezquita in Córdoba, a 10th-century mosque that curiously houses a 16th-century cathedral. You will explore the historic Jewish quarter and visit one of three original synagogues remaining in Spain. Córdoba was once home to Romans, Muslims, Christians and Jews, each leaving imprints that you will be able to identify by the time you leave.

 You will also visit Seville, a lively yet laid-back city known for its sunny skies, bullfighting, and flamenco. You will visit the Seville Cathedral, Giralda Bell Tower, and the magnificent Royal Alcázar, whose halls and gardens you might recognize from various Game of Thrones episodes. You will visit some of Andalusia’s oldest and most unique neighborhoods where you will see a blend of architectural styles reflective of Seville’s multicultural past and the world’s largest gothic church.

Morocco * Optional

This multi-day, optional excursion takes you across Morocco, one of the most colorful and diverse countries in the world. It encompasses direct cultural encounters with locals, guided tours through the medina, and opportunities to learn the ins and outs of haggling with Moroccan vendors. You will have unforgettable experiences in the Sahara desert riding camels and waking up to see the spectacular views of the sunrise.

Cultural Activities in Granada

The ISA on-site team encourages you to explore the city and culture of Granada. The team facilitates this by offering a robust calendar of events that showcase what makes Granada special.

These activities vary each term, and previous offerings have included flamenco shows, intercambios (language exchange with locals), cooking classes, and tours of the Alhambra.

*These activities are available to students at little to no additional cost.


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