The Civil War and Present-Day Spanish Literature

Universidad de Sevilla

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    The Civil War and Present-Day Spanish Literature

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    Universidad de Sevilla

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    Seville, Spain

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    The aim of this Course is to explore the interaction of History and Literature, using as a point of
    departure an historical event which has had wide-ranging effects upon Spanish literary output: the Civil
    War of 1936. An overview of the cultural and literary context of the nineteen thirties will be provided,
    as well as of the evolution of the Civil War and its consequences for Spanish Literature between the
    nineteen forties and the present day. In this way, what will be sought after is a clearer understanding of
    the contemporary literary scene via its development during the second half of the twentieth century.

    An interactive theoretical-practical approach will be adopted in class sessions: the explicative
    input-lecture on each syllabus item will be enhanced by the discussion of the readings which have been

    1. The Socio-Political Context: from Republic to Dictatorship. The Antecedents of the Civil War. Spain’s
    Literary Scene prior to the Outbreak of the War.
    2. Spanish Literature during the Civil War.
    3. Two Spains, Two Literatures? The Cultural Panorama and the Consequences of the War on Spain’s
    Literary Output: Official Literature and the Literature of Homeland Exile.
    4. The Evolution of Spanish Narrative from the Post-War Period to the Present Day: Kinds of Realism and
    Kinds of Experimentation.
    5. Drama after the Civil War: from the Crisis in Theater to Independent Theater.
    6. The Civil War and Poetry: from Miguel Hernández to the Second Half of the Twentieth Century.
    7. The Civil War and its Aftermath in Present-Day Literature.


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