Jewish History and Culture Within Spain

Universidad de Sevilla

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    Jewish History and Culture Within Spain

  • Host University

    Universidad de Sevilla

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    Seville, Spain

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    European Studies, History

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  • Overview

    The aim of this current Course is to enable students to become knowledgeable about the presence of
    Jews in Spain from the Period of the Romans until their expulsion at the close of the Middle Ages and
    about the lasting presence of a Sephardic consciousness within the Hebrew communities of the diaspora
    as found in historical sources and materials.

    The Syllabus will be carried through in two-hour theoretically-based sessions with the aid of audiovisual
    and didactic materials as input. Also scheduled is a visit to Sevilla’s Jewish Quarter.
    Part I: History and Culture of Sepharad (‘Spain’ in Hebrew) in Ancient and Visigothic Times.
    Item 1- The Jews in Spain under the Romans (1st to 4th centuries): Living Together within an Empire.
    Item 2- The Jews in Visigothic Spain (6th century): A Hundred Years of Tolerance
    Item 3- The Jews in Visigothic Spain (7th century): A Century of Persecution.
    Part II: History and Culture of Sepharad in the Spanish Middle Ages.
    Item 4 - The Jews of Al-Andalus (8th to 10th centuries): The Consolidation of Sepharad
    Item 5 – From Al-Andalus to the Christian Kingdoms (11th to 3th centuries): The Splendor of Spanish
    Item 6 – From the First Signs of Intolerance to the Period of Actual Expulsion (14th to 15th centuries):
    The Downfall of Sepharad.

Course Disclaimer

Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.


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