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    College Algebra

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    WELCOME to College Algebra. This course is especially intended for students who will major in areas which do not require further mathematics. We hope that your interest in mathematics will be stimulated in new ways at the same time you are perfecting basic logical and mathematical skills.

    One of the following must be satisfied: Appropriate placement test score, grade of C or higher in MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra, Transfer credit with grade of at least C in course equivalent to MAT1033, appropriate score on ACT or SAT.

    You may not receive credit for MGF1106 if you have already earned a C- or better in this course or an equivalent course.


    1. Functions and functional notation
    2. Domains and ranges of functions
    ? Given an equation in x and y, determine the DOMAIN
    ? Given a graph, determine the domain and range
    3. Graphs of functions and relations
    ? Graph vertical and horizontal translations of basic functions, (i.e y=x2, y = x )
    ? Given a function, y = f(x), recognize and perform the transformations associated with y = f(x) + h, y = f(x + h), y = ?f(x), and y = af(x)
    4. Operations of functions, equations and inequalities
    ? Given one or more function, determine formulas and/or specific range values for the composition of the functions
    5. Linear, inverse, quadratic, and rational functions
    ? Determine whether a function is one-to-one
    ? Specify the inverse of a one-to-one function
    ? Give a graph function, sketch graph for inverse by reflections across, y = x
    ? Understand the relationship between the domains and ranges of a one-to-one function and its inverse
    ? Given ordered pairs
    ? Be able to use the process of completing the square
    ? Solve quadratic inequalities, algebraically and graphically
    ? Solve absolute value equations and inequalities

    6. Trigonometric functions
    7. Exponential and logarithmic properties, functions, and equations
    ? Given a basic exponential function, y =ax, sketch its graph and to determine the following: y-intercept, domain, range, asymptote and whether it is increasing or decreasing
    ? Graph vertical and horizontal translations of the basic exponential function
    ? Convert between logarithmic and exponential forms
    ? Know and be able to use the properties of logarithms
    ? Use properties of logarithms to rewrite and simplify logarithmic expressions
    ? Use a calculator to evaluate common and natural logs
    ? Use the Change of Base Formula
    ? Given an exponential or logarithmic function, specify its inverse
    ? Given a logarithm function, y = loga(x), sketch its graph and determine the following: y-intercept, domain, range, asymptote and whether it is increasing or decreasing
    ? Graph vertical and horizontal translations of the basic logarithmic function
    ? Solve equations using the one-to-one property of exponential function (5.1.4)
    ? Solve logarithmic equations
    ? Solve exponential equations using logarithms
    ? Solve applications involving exponential and logarithmic functions

    Precalculus, By M.Sullivan and M.Sullivan III, ISBN 0-536-86143-9.

    There will be one exam corresponding to the above stated objectives for this course.

    MAKE-UP EXAMS There will be no makeups for quizzes, homework, tests, or the final exam.

    Up to 2 quizzes will be held throughout the course. You may have unannounced in-class or take-home quizzes at anytime. The quizzes are meant to prepare you for the exam. Come to class expecting a quiz covering any of the previous lectures. Answers will be given either immediately as you turn in the quiz. Missed quizzes may not be made up for any reason. Quizzes will be handed back the following class.
    A list of scheduled homework is to be found at the end.

    CALCULATORS The student must have a scientific calculator or graphing calculator for quizzes and homework. During quizzes calculators must be out of cases. You MAY NOT share calculators during quizzes. Your instructor may clear your calculator memory at any time, at his/her discretion. You may not use cell phones, iPods, or similar devices during quizzes.

    HELP CENTER Free tutoring is available at the instructors office in the scheduled times.

    ATTENDANCE AND DAILY WORK Please turn off all pagers and cellular phones during class. A student absent from class bears the full responsibility for all subject matter and procedural information discussed in class. Whether or not the instructor checks roll, the student's responsibility is not diminished. Expect each class to meet as scheduled unless notified otherwise on the News Board.
    Attendance will be checked regularly. Arriving to class late or leaving early may be counted as absences. If you accumulate more than 2 absences, you may be withdrawn
    from this course.

    GRADING You must earn at least a C in MAC1105 in order to enroll in your next math course. MAC1105 is the prerequisite for Trigonometry (MAC2114), Precalculus (MAC2140), MAC2147 (at least a B in 1105), and Business Calculus (MAC2233). Your total score for the course will be determined by the following rule:
    20% Daily attendance and class participation
    20% Homework average
    30% Class project
    30% Exam

    Grading scale: Method to determine grade:
    A: 90-100
    B: 80-89
    C: 70-79
    D: 60-69
    F: below 60

    ACADEMIC DISHONESTY Academic dishonesty includes, but is not limited to, the giving or receiving of unauthorized assistance or collaboration within or outside the classroom, the possession or use of restricted examination materials, plagiarism, or attempts at any of the above. During quizzes or exams, students may not possess or refer to written information (unless specifically authorized by the instructor) or receive oral information. If such information is available to a student during a quiz or exam, a grade of 0 (which cannot be removed) will be assigned for the work in question. On graded work done outside the class, plagiarism includes referring to the work of another student. Academic dishonesty also includes stealing, buying, selling, or referring to a copy of a Departmental examination before or after it has been administered. By completing a quiz or examination, the student in effect pledges that unauthorized assistance has been neither given nor received. All violations of these policies will be reported to the University Judicial Officer and other appropriate University officials.

    WORLD WIDE WEB The website for MAC1105 is found on the Blackboard Academic Suite reached from your personal page one you login with your FSUID through the link For your convenience, everything related to the course will be managed through the Blackboard application.

    AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) Students with disabilities needing academic accommodations should: 1) register with and provide documentation to the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC); 2) bring a letter to the instructor from SDRC indicating you need academic accommodations. This should be done within the first week of class. This and other class materials are available in alternative format upon request.

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Some courses may require additional fees.

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