Team Sports and Performance Analysis

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Course Description

  • Course Name

    Team Sports and Performance Analysis

  • Host University

    Universidad Católica de Valencia

  • Location

    Valencia, Spain

  • Area of Study

    Physical Education, Sport and Leisure Sciences, Sports Management

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    Taught In English

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  • Overview

    General Objective:

    The aim of this course is to provide students with the principles underlying skill acquisition and performance analysis in team sports.

    Class Description:

    During the semester we will provide students with the knowledge and skills to plan,organize and execute appropriate training sessions for different team sports. Discussionof research articles and class topics will focus on the practical applications of understanding team sports and performance analysis.



    UNIT 1. Introduction & basic Terminology.
    Introduction to Team Sports.
    Basic Terminology.
    UNIT 2 Structural Analysis of Team Sports.
    General Main Structures in Team Sports.
    Practical Application: Prioritizing structures in Task Design
    UNIT 3: Physical and Coordinative component in Team Sports.
    Physical and coordinative determinants in specific Team Sports.
    Physical and Coordinative Training in Team Sports.
    UNIT 4: Technical-Tactical component in Team Sports.
    Technical-Tactical determinants in specific Team Sports.
    Technical-Tactical Training in Team Sports
    Practical Application: Prioritizing the technical-tactical structure in training.
    UNIT 5. Tactics and Strategy in Team Sports.
    Tactics and Strategy in specific Team Sports.Practical Application: Prioritizing the physical-coordinative structure in training.
    Training Collective Tactics in Team Sports
    Practical application: Game planning and management.
    UNIT 6. Performance Analysis in Team Sports.
    The role of Performance Analysis in Team Sports.
    Key performance indicators in different Team Sports.
    Practical application: match analysis session.



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