ISA Workshops

Every member of the ISA team is proud of the partnerships that we have fostered with study abroad offices over the last three decades. Our goal is to support the work that you do to facilitate international education on your campus.

In an effort to help promote comprehensive campus internationalization and to increase opportunities for collaboration, we offer advisors and faculty the opportunity to participate in our ISA Workshops.

By attending an ISA Workshop at our headquarters in Austin, Texas or in our office in Denver, Colorado, you will gain greater knowledge of our programs, gain insight into our exceptional student support, and discover how to effectively leverage your partnership with ISA.

The ISA Workshop series features four distinctive options: Virtual Connections, Foundations, Beyond Foundations, and ISA ThinkDen. Each of these opportunities is great for both new and experienced partners.

ISA Workshop: Virtual Connections
As the latest addition to ISA’s Workshop series, Virtual Connections is a flexible and accessible way for our partners to touch base with ISA and learn more about relevant updates and new initiatives at the start of the semester. Session topics cover current issues in the field at large. Our presenters will share information about what ISA is doing in these areas while offering insights into how we can support the efforts of your office. All sessions are virtual, and participants can opt to attend those that pertain to their interests or institutional priorities. This workshop is designed for all global education professionals, and we welcome participants who are new to ISA as well as long-standing partners. .
ISA Workshop: Foundations
Foundations offers an introductory overview of ISA programs, advising resources, the admissions process and pre-departure resources. The ISA Workshop: Foundations will offer information and facilitate discussions regarding many topics, including our Bridging Cultures Program, the Discovery Model and how to best utilize our Global Ambassador Program. Additionally, our participants will hear from our experts in each ISA Division: Internships, Service- Learning, Veritas, EuroScholars and Custom Programs and from ISA Departments: Institutional Agreements and Financial Affairs, Academic Affairs and Health, Safety and Security. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend country/city-specific sessions with the ISA Site Specialists for the areas most relevant to their student advising duties. We are also happy to setup discipline-specific meetings with our Academic Affairs department for your team members that may have advising portfolios based on colleges or majors.
ISA Workshop: Beyond Foundations
Beyond Foundations provides participants whom are already familiar with ISA programs the opportunity to dive deeper into facilitated discussions on various topics and focus on projects specific to their campus needs. Topics of this workshop may include course mapping and curriculum integration, an in-depth analysis of health and safety policies and building a program portfolio for your campus. We will provide the tools to develop potential Internship and Service-Learning Cohorts, ISA Signature Programs, Exchange Partnership Support and Custom Programs. Participants can also expect facilitated group discussions on trends in Education Abroad and breakout conversations specific to each university's needs.

Please contact the ISA Workshop Team at

ISA ThinkDen
The inaugural ISA ThinkDen forum was held July 18-20, 2018 on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder, where a number of senior education abroad professionals came together for intense discussions focused on the theme: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Abroad Operational Management. ISA ThinkDen 2018 featured open discussions on topics such as capitalizing on education abroad trends and maintaining transparency and ethical standards in contemporary education abroad programming. Smaller breakout sessions focused on specific topics, such as the utilization of data for strategic planning and innovations in the financial management of faculty-directed programs.
Participants of ThinkDen 2018 have produced an open-access white paper titled "Education Abroad Operational Management: Strategies, Opportunities, and Innovations." This paper can be downloaded by following this link. In addition to the paper, ThinkDen participants Mary Dando and Tony Ogden, along with ISA's Lauren Alexander, discussed innovation and entrepreneurship in international education during a podcast episode for Inside Study Abroad.

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