Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies

University of Galway
Galway, Ireland

Program Overview

Program Overview

  • Popular Subject Areas

    Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies

  • Location


  • Host University

    University of Galway

    The University of Galway is the largest and oldest university in Western Ireland, set between Connemara and the Burren on the broad sweep of Galway Bay. The university boasts a large course offering and world-renowned research in Biomedical Science & Engineering, Web Science, Human Rights, and more. ISA participants studying at University of Galway for a semester or academic-year have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses with local and international students, while ISA participants studying at University of Galway for a summer have the opportunity to take Irish Studies courses with international students. The University of Galway J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics is globally accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

  • Term

    Spring 1 2025

  • Program Dates

    Early Jan, 2025 - Early May, 2025

  • Program Length


  • Application Deadline

    Oct 01, 2024

  • Forms and Payment Deadline

    Oct 15, 2024

  • Credit

    20 - 30 ECTS Credits

  • Eligibility

    3.00 Minimum GPA*

  • Cost


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Study Abroad Program Description

The Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies program is offered through the University of Galway. This program offers a wide variety of courses in many fields of study, including the Arts, Social Sciences, Celtic Studies, Business, Public Policy, and Law. Popular subject areas include Irish Studies, English, and History. A unique offering includes University of Galway's Literacy and Learning in the Community Service Learning course. Courses are taught in English by University of Galway faculty with local and international students.

While you will take a majority of your courses from the Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies program, you may also select one course from the Sciences, Technology & Engineering program at no additional charge.

Semester + Semester Programs Available: You can combine the Fall + Spring sessions at a discounted price. For more information about this option, please contact your ISA Ireland Program Manager.


Optional: Service-Learning in Galway
In addition to your academic courses, Study + Service-Learning programs are optional and allow you to serve alongside a local organization and engage in reflective assignments. Service-learning will develop your intercultural competency skills and increase your understanding of social issues in your host community. Visit the ISA Service-Learning website to see placement opportunities in Galway and for more information about how to receive academic credit.


Enjoy Flexibility with ISA Flex

We’ve partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) to help you overcome common study abroad challenges by adding an ASU Online course to your ISA program. With more than 2,100 courses to choose from, ISA Flex minimizes academic challenges, like major requirements and limited course options, so you can make the most of your experience abroad. Once you’ve applied, access the Flex form in your ISA Student Portal for more information on how to add this to your program and enroll in the course you need.



Students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.00.

You must be at least a second semester sophomore at a four-year university at time of participation. Some exceptions may apply, please contact the ISA Ireland Program Manager for more information.

What's Included

Comprehensive Advising and Support

24-Hour Emergency

Comprehensive Health, Safety, and Security Support

Airport Reception

Visa Support

Tuition at the Host University


Bridging Cultures Orientation

Full-Time Resident Staff

On-Site ISA Offices

Internet Access

ISA Discovery Model


Cultural Activities


Official Transcript from the Host University

Professional Development Toolbox

Scholarship Opportunities



ECTS Credits

20 - 30

Recommended U.S. Semester Credits

12 - 18

Recommended U.S. Quarter Units

18 - 27

Academic Information

Course Selection

  • You are required to take 4-6 courses per semester. 
  • If you are participating in the Liberal Arts, Business & Irish Studies program, you may select 1 course from the Sciences, Technology & Engineering program at no additional charge.
  • You can NOT take Film Studies or Theater/Drama Studies courses.
  • You may only take one English seminar course per semester.
  • You may only take History Colloquia courses if History majors.
  • Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change. 
  • Eligibility for courses may be subject to a placement exam and/or prerequisites.
  • Requests for sample syllabi can be made to the Ireland Program Manager.
  • The courses listed below are only a sampling of what the University of Galway offers. Please see the course catalog, linked below, for additional course options.

Course Credit

  • You are required to take 20-30 ECTS credits per semester.
  • Transfer credits earned will be decided entirely by your home university. It is important to be in touch with your university about course approvals and transfer credit pre-departure. 
  • According to ISA policy and possible visa requirements, you must maintain full-time enrollment status, as determined by your home university.
  • Per the University of Galway, 5 ECTS credits is equivalent to 2.5 or 3 U.S. semester credits / 3.75 or 4.5 quarter units. Credit transfer is ultimately determined by the student’s home university.

Course Level Recommendations

  • ISA offers course level recommendations for the courses listed below. Please note that the course level recommendations are based on the host university module level recommendations and module codes and are only recommendations. The structure of a module's code at the University of Galway is made up of a sequence of letters and numbers. The module code starts with two letters which denote the discipline teaching the module. The remainder of the module code is made up of three numbers. The first number in the sequence normally indicates the year the module is delivered: 1 for first year, 2 for second year, 3 for third year, etc. Module codes starting with the numbers 4 or 5 are normally offered to 3rd and/or 4th year students. Based on this information, ISA recommends that modules starting with the numbers 1 and 2 be classified as lower division courses, while modules starting with the numbers 3, 4 or 5 be classified as upper division courses. These ISA recommendations are intended to facilitate the determination of course equivalencies by advisers and credential evaluators at participants' U.S. home institutions.

Transcript Information

  • The transcript from the University of Galway will reflect ECTS credits. Please be in touch with your home university regarding credit transfer for this program.

To view the courses available at the University of Galway for your term of interest, click on the "Go to Course Search" button below. You will be taken to the host university's academic handbook and can scroll down and click on any academic college to view its course offerings for the term.

The University of Galway's academic handbooks are separated by semester, with Fall being "Semester 1" and Spring being "Semester 2". To view the handbook for a different semester, please go to that session on the ISA website.

Go to Host University Course Search Here
Go to Course Search


Filter by Subject

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University of Galway
College of Arts, Social Science and Celtic Studies
Arts in Action
5 ECTS Credits
Celtic Civilization
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
10 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Irish Gaelic
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Modelling II
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Sociological and Political Studies
10 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
10 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
College of Business, Public Policy and Law
Accounting & Finance
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Taxation II
5 ECTS Credits
Information Systems
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Tort II
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
5 ECTS Credits
Course Disclaimer
  • Courses and course hours of instruction are subject to change.

Support & Funding

ISA is here to support you when it comes to navigating identity questions related to traveling abroad, providing resources and information for your accessibility needs, and identifying funding for your program abroad.


Our U.S. staff is available to support you though every stage of your study abroad journey. Please reach out with any questions about ISA programs or life on-site to your country-specific Program Manager.

Our on-site staff are there for you as soon as you arrive in country and will support you throughout your time abroad.

U.S. Team

Hannah Burroughs

Program Manager, Ireland


Karen Appel-Stefoni

Resident Director, Ireland

Identity Resources

Accessibility & Accommodations

With our wide portfolio of program types and locations, we’re confident there is a suitable, accessible program for each student.

Securing accommodations abroad can take time, so we ask that those with requests inform ISA early in the advising process. We recommend reaching out to your Program Manager or our Accessibility Team ( to discuss your accessibility needs or accommodations abroad.

Destination Information

Our diversity pages for each ISA destination include information on Indigenous communities, languages, race and ethnicity, religion, LGBTQIA+, and disability access. We hope it will help when reflecting upon and contextualizing intersectionality in your host community.

Identity Blog

ISA offers students the opportunity to blog about their experiences abroad from their own diverse perspectives. These posts can be found on the ISA Student Blog, and interested students should email for more information.


All students should have the opportunity to study abroad. To help make this a reality, ISA offers a variety of scholarships to help cover your study abroad costs. To learn more about our scholarship opportunities, check out our scholarships & grants page!

If you receive financial aid from your home university, you can likely use those funds for study abroad, as well. Speak with your home university’s financial aid office to learn about your options. Check out steps for using financial aid.

Questions about scholarships and funding? Email us at


Living in ISA housing will give you the opportunity to experience aspects of the Irish lifestyle that are inaccessible to the average visitor to Galway. Uncovering the uniqueness of your neighborhood in Galway and the surrounding areas will help you to feel right at home. You will commute to class as most local students do: by walking. With an open and adaptable mind, the experience of living in another culture can be highly rewarding.

We strive to match your housing preferences with our available accommodations; however, housing preference requests cannot be guaranteed.

Student Residence

ISA students are typically housed at Gort na Coiribe Student Village, though location may vary depending on availability. These off-campus apartment-style student residences are about a 15 minute walk from campus. Semester and academic-year students live with both international students and local students from Ireland, while summer students live with international students only. The student residence includes a shared double bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Bed linens are not included for semester and academic-year students but are included for summer students. Free unlimited internet access is available in each bedroom, and laundry facilities are available in the student residence complex.

A $750 refundable security deposit will be charged if you are living in ISA arranged housing. ISA may retain some, or all, of this deposit in the case of damage to property or if utility usage exceeds the allotted monthly amount.

Independent Housing

You may elect to secure housing independently. If you select this option, you will receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price.

You may elect to secure housing independently. If you select this option, you will receive a discount equal to the housing portion of the program price.



ISA excursions allow you to explore the diverse, distinct, and gorgeous landscape of Ireland that you may not be able to visit on your own. The destinations below are a sample of some of the possibilities, which are finalized in the time leading up to the start of your program.

Aran Islands

The rugged Aran Islands lie outside Galway Bay, just miles from the Clare Coast and the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. All three islands (Inis Mór, Inis Meáin, Inis Oírr) have individual character. These islands will not disappoint!Allofthe locals speak Ireland’s native tongue. From forts and churches to flora, fauna, and idyllic scenery, the Islands have it all! They are a must see!


You will visit the bustling capital city of Dublin to see why Ireland is truly a land of saints and scholars. Explore the famous cobbled courtyard of Trinity College and bask in the exuberance of Temple Bar.

Kylemore Abbey * Optional

At Kylemore Abbey, you will experience a perfect day in the west of Ireland. Kylemore Abbey is one of Ireland’s top tourist destinations, for its striking beauty alone. The Abbey is at the cusp of the memorable Inagh Valley and surrounded by the breath-taking Connemara 12 Bens. You will get to explore the rooms of the Abbey and learn about its history of tragedy, romance, education, and spirituality. You will have time to explore the six acre Victorian Walled Garden and see the beauty of the Gothic Church on site.

The Cliffs of Moher

The Burren, derived from the Gaelic 'Boireann,' meaning ‘Great Rock’, is a vast region comprised of limestone slabs. This region is one of the finest examples of a glacio-karst landscape in the world. Standing 214 meters above the Wild Atlantic Ocean, the Cliffs of Moher are the jewel in the crown of the Burren Region. Step on to the edge of the world and into an awe-inspiring view that dreams are made of!

Cultural Activities in Galway

The ISA on-site team encourages you to explore the city and culture of Galway. The team facilitates this by offering a robust calendar of events that showcases what makes Galway special.

These activities vary each term, and previous offerings have included a tour of Salthill, theatre visits, visit to Galway Market, and a traditional music night.


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